East Africa Overland

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Old name Ethiopia (country of Slaves), which the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia's capital, the "new flower" Our journey began in Addis Ababa, meaning Hope Cape of South Africa came to an end. Starting out on the evening on July 16 by transfer from Dubai to Addis Ababa Bole Airport we arrived the evening of July 17. The first was poverty that affect us. Main streets, roads outside the ground. A lot of hawker, beggar, poor man. Rainy weather, inadequate infrastructure. People are very colorful and varied. Very common in neighborhoods in makeshift tin. Extreme shortage of electricity. Almost none of domestic industry. Foreign investors (including the Turks) in the manufacturing sector dominated. Many products come from the outside and very expensive. People very weary. "Gat" is a plant called the relaxant property uyuşuyorlar chewing thoroughly. Many international aid organization's mission and office hits our eyes. With aids in fighting common progress. There are many churches and missionary schools. Rent a car in Addis Ababa to the south Kenya have started our journey towards the border. Turkish Geographical Society and the car we put on the t-shirtlerimizi flamamızı placed. People are still chirping along the road. Rengarek, various local outfits are impressive. There are many people going to church these days is Sunday. Baboon, as well as humans, foxes, camels, vultures, storks, cattle and goats in the road show aspect. To the south once we delve terrain and vegetation changed. It's more of a dry zone. The most interesting displays his little white ants termite towers 2-3 meters of soil. Gradually broke down the road. Very fertile soil. Coffee cultivated land. The beans are sold yaşken cookie intentions. Very tough and flavorless, actually. Very authentic village houses. Limit great stress, with the help of TPC tişörtlerimizin and passed a three-hour delay. Kenya'dayız. We made a thousand miles, more than a way to have it. Moyale is a border town split. Some of them in Ethiopia, Kenya, a part of. Travelers Nairobiye road to the capital of the world from here "Travellers fearful dream," he made on behalf of. The route of the Eastern Africa region the most feared. Especially from Moyale-Marsabit very desolate. Somali'li javelin throwing mobs, often in the region of their robbery, blood feuds between the tribes living on nomadic animal husbandry is endless. Our lives are making the most difficult and dangerous journey. View of the desert region completely. Ethiopia as soon as everything has changed. Disappeared from the natural environment there. What vegetation nor ant termite towers. Everything has been destroyed. Instead of the traditional tin huts and simple houses, shelters and widespread. We stopped in a village on the way to change your car tires exploding and people have ahbaplık. Desert plants and animals is exciting. Gazelles, foxes, bald ibis, a lot of animals such as rabbits have seen. Most interesting are sürüleriydi camel. Animal herds of men and women are dressed very interesting journey. What place do these herds drink? There will be neither food nor water around vegetation. Finally, we reached Nairobi. From there we went to Masai Mara'ya. Serengeti'de stayed five days in the tent and made safaris. We have people like the natural environment and animals. Hışmına breath to baboons. We saw alligators and water aygırlarını Mara River. Masailer'in going to the village we met with them. Masailer, courage, warrior spirit and commitment celebrities cattle. Cattle never does not cut, do not eat meat. Otlatabilecekleri constantly seeking new places. Any land in sahiplenmiyorlar and changing because of the rainy season comes twice a year. Masailer'in cemeteries do not. Rather than to bury their dead; away, leave the wild animals. Long thin bodies, dominated by red clothing, beads, charms, traditional cultures and earn attention. "Maa" speak the language being the most important indicator of the Masai tribe, deldirdikleri ears and hanging over the young age of many traditional jewelry. Akamba East Africa, Kenya and Uganda to set off the largest bus operation. Near Lake Victoria after a laborious journey quite reached Jinja'ya. Attraction in Uganda too. Motorcycle taxis to the city eight miles away Buyagoli breath to Waterfall. Some of us did rafting. We're on target again and the capital, Kampala. Kampala'nın confusion does not end. A beautiful city but very crowded and traffic is terrible. Prices, too. The most interesting place Center'dı African Art. Kampala to move after 10-hour journey in the evening we went Kabale'ye near the border with Rwanda. We actually want to stay near Lake Bunyonyi, but it's late. Çarpıldık the morning and went to Lake Bunyonyi. Pass through the market and therefore the color and the human cümbüşünün rented a small boat. I might some schematic diagram Charter boat. Lake started to ride. Kayıkçımız would lead us to a small village, he said. We went ashore among the reeds. First, children running to meet us. Very poor, but no joy over the top of the head. Children's children everywhere. The people of the village was very happy to see us. They are our body language is enough to agree, but we do not know their language. Showed us the traditional dances accompanied by plastic drums beat. After spending quite a lot of time goodbye and went back to the boat. We came to swim to shore by jumping up to the boat. Even if all the oceans in the world even after swimming the Amazon River, Lake Bunyonyi we can not rust. Colleagues who joined us in our one-piece came from the shore. Up late can enjoy the lake was removed. The next day we went to Rwanda. Rwanda and the nature of the vegetation we have people like this. We visited the genocide museum, called the Memorial Center. In the recent history between the Hutu and Tutsi'ler, an important share of westerners in the civil war was a disaster for the country. Thousands of people were murdered. I hope does not happen again. Tanzania Kilimanjaro airport, get off the plane to Rwanda. Unfortunately the weather was foggy in Tanzania, the current time Klimanjaro'yu not see clearly. Our next stop was in Dar es Salaam. Stretched to a friend's stolen bag sinirlerimizi bus. We passed the island of Zanzibar in the sales of former slaves took the ferry tickets. 90% of the Muslim people of the island. White sandy beaches and dream-like palmiyeleriyle. Possible to see the most beautiful examples of stone and wood work. Dominate the Mediterranean and Arab architecture. Possible to eat cheaply at restaurants open in the evening by the sea. Sea, sun, sand, saying five days to spend here, we passed the Republic of South Africa. I think this is not Africa. As a Western country. Out of any originality. Moreover, despite the management's change of life for blacks in the country is still the same We are very sad to see. Cape of Good Hope is very impressive. Variable so that the air within a few hours, an unusual situation. This is the last point of our visit. Everything is so beautiful, varied and impressive, but I actually missed our country too. We see other ways to make and share their plans for returning to our country as well as sevinçliydik sad.

Vice President of the Turkish Geographical Society Fügen DEDE