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IGU'nun Japonya'da düzenleyeceği "Kyoto_2013 Bölgesel Coğrafya Konferansı"nın bildiri gönderme tarihi 4 Şubat 2013'e kadar uzatılmıştır. IGU Kyoto Regional Conference Extension of deadline for abstract submission Dear colleagues, Extension of Deadline for Abstraction Submission From October 10 last year, we started to receive abstract submissions for IGU Kyoto Regional Conference (KRC), which will be held August 4-“9. As you know, the original deadline for submission (January 15, 2013) is drawing near. Unfortunately, however, the number of submissions received so far is fewer than we had expected. Moreover, we have received requests to extend this deadline from several IGU Commissions, since many geographers at universities worldwide, including graduate/postgraduate students, are now very busy during the beginning period of the new spring semester. Accordingly, the Organizing Committee of KRC has just decided to extend the deadline from January 15 to FEBRUARY 4 (Monday). We would appreciate it if you could kindly distribute this information widely among your colleagues, graduate/postgraduate students, and friends. Please note that, in relation to this, the application deadline for grants for young researchers, provided by KRC, is also extended to February 4. We are looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto this summer. Yoshitaka Ishikawa (Chair) Keiji Yano (Secretary-general) Shigeko Haruyama (Chair, Commissions Committee) The Organizing Committee, IGU Kyoto Regional Conference 2013 E-mail: info.igu.kyoto2013@gmail.com Official Website: http://www.igu-kyoto2013.org/