Turkish Geographical Society /

1- A author may appear in more than one poster or oral prensentations, but an author may present no more than 2 papers or posters.

2. Participation fee will be paid separately for each presentation. Anyone who will make a presentation is required to pay the participation fee. Only those who pay the participation fee can benefit from the congress services.

3- Full texts will be published at electronic format after the congress. Papers and posters of authors who do not submit full texts will be printed in abstract form the abstracts sent for congress registration. Full text sent after the specified date will not be accepted.

4- Full-text writing rules:

Abstracts should include at least Between 200-300 words and have keywords.

The page layout of the texts to be added to the system must have been made by the author in accordance with the following values:

Paper Size: A4 Vertical

Top Margin: 3 cm

Bottom Margin: 3 cm

Left Margin: 3 cm

Right Margin: 3 cm

Font: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12 in title, summary and text 11 and 9 points in footnotes

Paragraph Span: 6 nk

Row Spacing: 1.15 in Metric, Single in Footnotes

File Type: Microsoft Word .docx format