The association of protecting animals

Abstract The first “the association of protecting animals” was established in 1825 by the English. Later, the association established in many countries gathered in 1931 and accepted the 4th October as “the day of protecting animals”. Today, it is celebrated as “the day of protecting animals” in the whole world. The universal announcement of animal rights, with 14 articles, announced in 15th October, 1978 in the house of UNESCO in Paris and in this way animals had the rights. In Turkey, the first association about animal rights was established in Ankara in 1995. The most successful country on the animal rights consciousness is USA. Apart from the schools, the security services become private animal police by taking the education of animal rights. The purpose of this writing is to summaries the transportation of Animal Rights in the international area, its ideal preparations and its admission; proclamation’s content, meaning and worth; European Animal Rights Appointment and this notice’s effects on infringements of Turkey’s practically. Keywords: Right concept, animal rights, environment, protection

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