Turkey Geography Institute of Vocational Week

Turkey Geography Society Organizations Act 1942 dated 1 article "Geography of Turkey Authority, three years will be to disseminate information on geography, and other than general convention to advance their work places and times agreeable to see: a) Public lectures b) Local scientific meetings c) the composition of public meetings is specialized. "he says. Yet Turkey Geography Regulation Authority The purpose of the institutions regulating 3rd substance (b) of Clause, "Geography matters on the survey in and organizing conferences", (f) the paragraph, "Hometown inside and outside the scientific field trips and to meetings" was held in the form. In light of this principle, which was established in 1942 from Turkey to start scientific studies of the geography between Institutions "Career Weeks" has an important place. Are offered each semester of residence in the city held a different job during the week belongs to a science by researchers geography research has been done in our country were presented and followed those related discussion and exchange of ideas possible is created. Congress from time to time feature of the geography profession week to show developed, the geography of science to the development of our country has contributed significantly. On the other hand is a combination of professional geographers week, to meet and exchange ideas in the scientific field has prepared the ground to. However, valuable papers, each consisting of professional papers at the end of week one can not be printed together whether, 9 and Vocational 28'nci except a portion of the week belongs to the article only the names are in our hands, while another part belongs to does not have any information. Have been realized until today is undoubtedly present in the profession weeks papers were printed at the moment we could be 29-volume "Geography of Occupation Week Series" would be. Each period due to various problems that can not be printed from the profession only 22-29 weeks reported in the December 1954 date was held in Ankara Vocational week with the 9th Geography 10-12 June 1998 date was held in Edirne in 2 Weeks Geography Crafts Report was published in book form and related to the service of is presented. In this section, until today we performed 28 weeks of vocational programs and activities on personnel information will be available. Turkey Geography Institute of Vocational Week Directory (For details, please click Vocational Week Number) No: Date Location 1 24-28 May 1943 Ankara 2 3 4 5-7 August 1947 Ankara 5 25-28 May 1948 Ankara 6 7 8 9 22-29 December 1954 Ankara 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 14-17 December 1967 Ankara 19 4-8 February 1970 Ankara 20 21-28 August 1971 Erzurum 21 25-28 September 1972 Izmir 22 6-18 August 1973 Konya 23 8-13 July 1974 Trabzon 24 21 Temmuz-01 Ağustos 1975 Çanakkale 25 26 27 28 10-12 June 1998 Edirne 29 17-19 May 2001 Çanakkale

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