National Geography Congress 2005

(Prof. Dr. İsmail Yalçın in memory.) Turkey and Istanbul University Faculty of Geography Institute of Geography Department were jointly prepared the "National Geography Congress 2005" titled meeting, both have served for years as Professor in the Institution. Dr. İsmail Yalçın was held in memory. After making the first announcement of the congress was due to the application 120 has been realized. All applications by passing the filter of a referee, reported oral / poster sessions relating to acceptance or rejection of work has been completed. Reviews about the results, published in Turkey Geography agency website, belonging to this meeting report printing conditions are described. Basic rules for printing only at the meeting was presented as the oral or poster printing papers have been accepted and implemented. Congress, Istanbul University Rector's Office Headquarters in the medical center was held on 29-30 September 2005. National Geography Congress in 2005 and 43 oral, 32 poster is a total of 75 papers were included. As reported to Congress with or listeners from different universities in Turkey the number of participants enrolling 145'tir. Other than that, the participants representing various government agencies, geography teachers and geography students from various universities are provided with the wide participation. Our opening session Prof. retired teacher. Dr. Metin Tuncel, "Prof. Dr. İsmail Yalçın Learned titled talk with us again, remember when our beloved teacher, Professor. Dr. Prof Ali Selçuk is Biricik. Dr. İsmail Yalçın made a speech subject areas point to the scientific aspects. Studies presented in the Congress can be grouped under four headings. The first group of these studies, physical geography are related to the study. Number of physical geography in 20 oral, 11 poster to number of 31 papers were presented. Human and economic geography of the 36 papers, 16 oral number, 20 number of posters, 4 pieces of geography education interpreters, 1 to 5 poster papers are presented, concerning the methodology of geography at the 3rd session papers were discussed. Oral presentations and in between that time then the scientific debate, the first evening of the congress taking place in Istanbul University Baltalimanı'ndaki facilities continued at dinner. Congress of the book has been made possible with support pressure of TUBITAK. National Geography Congress 2005 for their contribution to TUBITAK; oral or poster presentations or listeners as we offer our thanks to those who attend our meetings. Congress Proceedings are produced in a limited number of Turkey can be obtained from the Geography Institute. Organizing Committee Sedat Avci T. Ahmet ERTEK İlhan Yasar HACISALİHOĞLU Hussein TUROĞLU

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