The 32nd International Geographical Congress

The 32nd International Geographical Congress in Cologne focuses scientific attention on the core themes of humanity. Researchers from around the world are expected in Cologne in 2012. Geographers bring the wide-ranging perspectives and methodology of their subject to bear on four major thematic complexes and contribute to the solution of urgent scientific and socio-political issues – bringing research down to earth: •Global Change and Globalisation •Society and Environment •Risks and Conflicts •Urbanisation and Demographic Change Registration To register for the IGC 2012 you have to create a personal user account. This personal user account will also be required for the submission of papers or posters. To create a user account, please click on the button "Create a new account" in the menu bar on the left-hand site. If you have been a subscriber to our newsletter and thus already used the opportunity to pre-register, then a user account will automatically have been created for you. To confirm this account you have to request your username and password by clicking on the button "Retrieve your password". Please have the email address at hand that you used for pre-registration.

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