2020 International Geographical Congress (IGC 2020) in Istanbul


2020 International Geographical Congress (IGC 2020) in Istanbul Founded in 1922, the International Geography Union has 102 member countries (International Geographical Union - IGU) 34 congresses held every four years Presentation held in Istanbul in 2020, was unanimously adopted by consensus. Turkey Turkish Geographical Society International Geographical Union, represented by a 3-year studies conducted before the match, Geography, Science and Geography Education in Turkey gained importance to the international convention. voting in the General Assembly as a result of the congress, held in Cologne, Germany, by unanimous vote of all delegates in Istanbul, 34 was the host for the conference. In 1922, in spite of the establishment of the International Geographical Union, international conferences started in 1871 in Antwerp. Since then, the congress held in various cities of the world, the world has continued to bring together Coğrafyacılarını. Turkish geographer, participated in many congresses in the past, but this is the first time the congress will be held in our country, is expected to advance the participation of over 3,000 geographer. Best regards, Turkish Geographical Society, 08.28.2012, Cologne - Germany

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