ASHES CLOUDS Iceland and Turkey

Environmental Protection Agency to Turkey and Greening (TÜRÇEK) and the Turkish Geographical Society (TCK) warns: Environmental Protection Agency to Turkey and Greening (TÜRÇEK) Chairman Prof. Barbaros Gönençgil and Turkish Geographical Society (TPC) Chairman Y.Doç.Dr. T. Ahmed Ertek held a joint press release with the volcanic activity that may adversely affect tourism, he warned. Joint statement If volcanic activity in Iceland continued to adversely affect economic activities such as tourism and agriculture ... Volcano in southern Iceland Eyyafyallajokul went into operation again after 190 years. On March 23, 2010 3 weeks after the first eruption occurred behind and ongoing 2 eruption, estimated to bring about a much more severe consequences began. 2010 years of earthquake activity in the world as well as an increase in volcanic activity going on. 7 in the world for over a year on average expected magnitude 3.5 earthquake early in 2010 the number reached in case of earthquakes 16-17. In the same way as earthquake ground motion caused by smoking such an increase in volcanic activity. 20. One of the largest eruptions of the century and 600 years after its operation in June 1991 Mount Pinatubo (Philippines), the effects of volcano is in still in my head. Into the atmosphere during these eruptions of ash and solid particles consisting of the 20 million tons of sulfuric acid mist within a few weeks scattered across the equator and the clouds which reflect sunlight back to lower global temperatures caused 0.5oC. In the case of David's work continues Eyyafyallajokul impact on Europe and Turkey will inevitably be higher than expected. With known effects on air travel only 200 million dollars per day on the economic loss caused by the eruption of the economic cost of several billion dollars are expected to find. As in the case of Pinatubo on climate impacts would be created with the summer period may negatively affect the tourism movement. Volcanic activity in Iceland, especially in agriculture to sustainability, will be affected by many economic activities. Repeated several times within the history of the world millions of years earthquakes and volcanic activity will continue to be today. All natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic activity to be prepared for the 21st One of the most important responsibilities of the century, people have become. 19/4/2010

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