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Turkey as a step on Geography Institute Board decision result mentioned above, the International Geography Union (IGU) and the connection is history. Our goal is to give our country to the 2020 International Geography Congress and our country is to ensure the realization of such a convention. Meanwhile, in the year 2009 in various languages of the institution and the conference brochure was prepared by ZED candidacy logo. This purpose of the institution with the accumulated debts ZED dues paid by IGU and will continue to be paid in future years. Our country of Geographers, 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany held in the International Geography Congress papers and attending far right of the In addition to, where the decision will be "2020 International Geography Congress to" to make the city / country selection before a serious lobbying activities in the countries we, our interests must be considered that are. Therefore Turkey to geographers, TCK to the Board members and institutions, and even geography and related disciplines in the best people are causing a huge task. This goal our country academics, teachers, students, government employees, businessmen and even housewives to geographers, therefore all of geographers, the preparation of this congress and our country are invited to get involved in the issue. This task all Turkish geographer. Therefore, Turkey is a member of the Geography Institute that everyone, whether or not, Congress will be produced associated with the new ideas, thoughts and contributions to our organization is open the door. At the end of such activity with the geography of our country "Geography" inside and outside the profession believe to be better presented. Sincerely. Y.Doç.Dr. T. Ahmet ERTEK Geography of Turkey, President of the Institution

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