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Thursday May 17, 2001 Prof.Dr. İlhan KAYAN Plain and Troia KARAMENDERES Dr. Ertuğ RECOMMENDED Büyükdere of the Valley (Imbros) and the New Almond Mound Environmental Geomorphology Alüviyal paleogeography of Y.Doç.Dr. Abdullah SOYKAN PAZARKÖY (Yenice-Çanakkale) Geomorphology of the Basin Prof.Dr. Ramadan Özey Hüdavendigar Province in 1913, Karen and Biga (Left-to Sultaniye t) Mutassarrıflıkları Y.Doç.Dr. Zeki KODAY Oylat Hot Springs Y.Doç.Dr. Talat KOÇ Land Use and Environment in Balıkesir Plain Inst. Sure ATASOY Urban Population and Settlement Characteristics of Gemlik Y.Doç.Dr. Upgrade KIRIMLI South of the Marmara Village Residential Properties Yard.Doç.Dr. Cevdet YILMAZ In Bursa, the Ottoman Village: Cumalıkızık Y.Doç.Dr. Hayri MUD process Problems in the Development of Canakkale City Friday May 18, 2001 Y.Doç.Dr. Talat KOÇ Rainfall Potential in Canakkale Dr. Nuriye GARİPAĞAOĞLU Air Pollution Causes and giving birth in Çanakkale Effective Olan Geographical Factors Dr. Rustu ILGAR Effects of Environmental Pollution in the spatial Çanakkale Province Inst. İbrahim AYDIN Plains Irrigation Kepsut Problems Y.Doç.Dr. Abdullah SOYKAN - A. Assist. Hakan ÖNAL Games Mezit Strait (Kepsut-Balıkesir) Geomorphological Features Prof.Dr. Ali Selçuk BİRİCİK Marmara Sea of Marmara and the South Coast of Underwater Earthquake Relief Y.Doç.Dr. Lutfi İhsan Sezer Activity and Risk of Earthquake in Marmara Region Dr. Mehmet Akif Ceylan Marmara Earthquake (August 17, 1999) and the Effects of Restructuring in Yalova Dr. Saliha KODAY Bursa Province Fruit Y.Doç.Dr. Okan Yasar Food Industry in Canakkale A. Assist. ZZerrin KARAKUZULU Examination of the Economic Geography of Farm Angle Karacabey Chairman of the Turkish Occupation Week 2 Geography Geography Head of the Institution that the Prof.Dr.Metin Tuncel and Ege University Department of Geography Chairman Prof.Dr.İlhan Kayan, Prof. ................ Institute of Geography of Turkey ................. Vice President Doç.Dr.İ.Yaşar Hacısalihoğlu'nun conducted with the participation of "Problems in Geography Education" after panel discussion, May 19, 2001 Saturday, Çanakkale, Lapseki, Biga, Karabiga, Gonen, Karacabey, Manyas covering geographic district and Chiang has ended with a trip. * Google Translate

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Activity: Vocational Week

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