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Article 6: Geography Turkey is a member of the Institution was to be able conditions stated below. a) University degree program graduates from departments of geography ones. b) Department of Geography University graduate and doctoral programs in education and those who graduated. c) the Board of Directors deems appropriate and acceptable to the people of geography of the academic level, publications, scientific studies and contribute to, the institution can serve those purposes. Membership Types: Article 7: Corporate membership types are listed below. a) Corporate Members: Membership required of all obligations and responsibilities of membership rights and is a member of the beneficiary. Member's rights, the conditions to include registration and all kind of tasks to run for and to vote; obligations of a special general meeting and to join, dues to pay in a timely fashion, purpose and service issues, depending on the required effort to contain the principle. b) Honorary Members: Geography of Turkey to the purpose institution and service issues among those who have love and respect of the proposal and at least two members with the decision of the board of directors is elected honorary qualified members. Honorary members, organs have the right to be elected and not selected, Turkey Geography Institute in the budget are not obliged to pay the prescribed dues. Member Operations: Article 8: Turkey Geography Society membership transactions are listed below. a) Turkey Geography Society members who wish to become candidates, corporate objectives and service issues with the main provisions of the statute were accepted, the necessary membership conditions indicating that it contains "Membership Report Form" Presidential Authority to fill nu offer. b) the candidate's request can be processed for membership two members of the bid is essential. c) Turkey Geography Society Board of Directors, candidates are required to investigate about to begin after the date of application (30) in the candidate's decision regarding the membership request and shall notify candidates in writing. d) the candidate be admitted to membership of Turkey geography institute procedures are performed on the recording. The part of the required annual payment is taken. This payment can not be won unless Turkey Geography Society membership. e) Turkey Geography Society Board of Directors of the denial of the request of the candidate's decision is final, and in no way related to a location can not be disputed. Member for leaving: Article 9: Membership, death and ends with the wish to unsubscribe. Each member at any time in writing to the Turkish Geography Agency reported desire to leave Turkey is considered to be separated from membership of the Geography Institute. Removal from membership: Article 10: Geography of Turkey from membership of the Institution of expulsion causes are listed below. a) the excuse to stay away from work and meetings, not to do the assigned tasks on time, and thus to avoid the task; Turkey Geography and purpose to live with the service agency to show indifference to the rules. b) lose the right to become members of the Association and Regulation of Turkey Geography Home Terms of institutions and decisions contrary to the General Assembly and the Executive Board to act. c) Annual membership fees are not given to the two consecutive years. Removal from membership and the appeal process: Article 11: Turkey geography Authority Board of Directors, will establish a discipline committee members through the research and about the review can be members of the defense received from the membership dismissal decision by secret ballot and the board of directors of the total members 2 / 3 majority vote and gives members in writing shall be informed . Members against the decision issued his statement to start the day following the date of notification of fifteen (15) days in Turkey through Geography Society Board of Governors may appeal to the General Assembly. First General Assembly meeting shall be discussed and objections shall be decided. To connect to appeal the decision of the rights and obligations of the members continues. Members of the General Assembly of the appeal or not appeal at the time of rejection in Turkey have a record of members of the Geography Institute. Remove the starting date of the members of the General Assembly within one month of application to the court against the decision rights reserved.

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