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ITU S Faculty of Engineering meteorology. Prof. Dr. Mikdat Kadıoğlu’nun daily newspaper dated May 10, 2010 "Travel" columnist, published in the annex of a "correction" or "criticism" of the very unfair, inaccurate and biased with a written understanding that we are sorry to see. Geography, such as "Queen of Science" and it called for a science related to the issue of the "criticism" is, unfortunately, includes the sentence beyond the purpose. Created within the new approaches in teaching geography books, changing the curriculum in accordance with the National Education for the past five years, is constantly renewing itself. Emergence of new information and updated findings about changes in commissions based on a book about the books, teachers and students to review courses on a new system is being designed. In this context, "risk, extreme events, koriolis, disaster, flood," What kind of concepts such as the use of false logic that is not understood. Interdisciplinary ethics rules to be followed criticism that is certain. Shopping centers in the corner with the newspaper "corner" s, the same logic to "operate" a newspaper at the corner of what is wrong sec. Kadıoğlu’nun sec. National Education Minister that "the geography of the best books of the verbal (in fact the subject of science and math), climate and weather issues should be removed entirely," urges that it is very wrong. Other hand, the Central Educational Institutions curriculum, textbooks and prepared accordingly, biologists, chemists, meteorologists, poets, writers, or is intended to educate geographers. Otherwise there would not be necessary in matters relating to university education. The purpose of the geography program, students get to know their environment and life, to understand and prepare him to contribute, to prepare for the next phase, the event is to promote scientific perspective. Mr. Kadioglu high schools, "meteorology" If you want to put the course should contact the relevant institution. If you want to prepare high school geography textbook that is not the obstacle. Private institutions and individuals that are prepared in the textbooks examined by the Ministry of Education Training Board of Education, the books carry the necessary conditions are acceptable. However, Mr. The purpose of High School Geography Textbook Kadıoğlu’nun Klimatololoji (Climate Science) is to write about these issues it is better to be written by geographers. In fact, engineering non-science of "business" with the aim of engineering recruit an environment in today’s requirements and will reach the level in the way of constantly renewing itself a branch of science related to written statements working on this issue that people worry more than not going. In this context, climate science, the "climatology" is the subject of geography and will remain so. With respect to the public is notified. Geographical Society on behalf of the Board of Turkey; Assoc Vice President Barbaros GÖNENÇGİL

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