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International Geographical Union (IGU) Regional Conference on the Tel Aviv-2010"

Dear Turkish Geographical Society (TCK) ‘s Members, Between 12 to 16 July 2010 in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, Dan Panorama Hotel in the "International Geographical Union (IGU) Regional Conference on the Tel Aviv-2010" Conference on Regional Geography in the penal code named Vice President SUMMARY We join with Barbaros GÖNENÇGİL. At the end of our work with teachers and successful Salimen Barbaros Tel Aviv (Israel) to have returned. 5-day non-stop giving our bodies think their product promotion activities. During the entire Congress as an institution we have watched with interest. 11 separate conference rooms in parallel sessions, mainly in the form of ongoing natural disasters, climate-global warming, karst caves and more tracking sessions, I got the opportunity. Even the "globalized world, Disaster and Risk" session on Tuesday afternoon TAErtek, AEErginal, H. Kumar team on behalf of the "Triggering Factors of the Landslides and Mudflows on Lake Büyükçekmece Area, Western Istanbul, NW Turkey", named declaration given 20 minutes in I presented. Many preparations had been before this conference, our Board and our contact Mehmet UÞAR’ın suppressed at the last minute publicity and WHY Istanbul brochures ZED’in TPC was very handy. Besides these, our party during the conference, the interest in our institution and our country grew. IGU President Prof. Ron ABLER (USA) and his wife, and even Israeli Geography Association President Prof. Michael SOFFER and Tel Aviv-2010 Conference Organizing Committee Chair Prof. Regional Geography. Schnell izak with dinner in Jaffa (Gala Dinner) sit together at the same table, geography, and we toast to peace. The next day, President Prof. IGU. Close to half an hour alone with ABLER have the opportunity to speak. As we explained our wishes and demands of institutions, "International Geography Conference in 2020 to" briefly "2020-Istanbul," a petition of a claimant as we’ve given him. He will treat you the right, IGU and 38 board members immediately distributed by the commission president said he would photocopy. This, of course, we went to our very pleasant. All these developments had found the location for the conference and are now supposed to return to Istanbul, while the last day we went to the closing session will be held in the morning. A few minutes before the session to come to our next President of IGU, Hand me a paper, he had the day’s schedule in the program and also had a penal code. Determined to make the next conference in the country with Chile, Germany, Japan, as well as us in 2020-the fifth minute gave City the opportunity to explain. ABLER’e previous day where we had found the petition. I believe history will pass TCK conjecture I think I’ve made an effective speech. When you download the flash bursts from the stage while on the one hand, if Barbaros teacher in my ear, "well done" (well done), he said. In addition to the memory of that day (16/07/2010) Barbaros messages to Hoca pulled a photo from the video I also like to inform you to add, I’ve even added a few photos. Finally ABLER and SCHNELL’e present the ZED-supported hand-Kütahya Tiles and approximately 300 people in front of applause, but did not; 2020 International Geography Conference a serious candidate candidate countries, as we later we received congratulations from, we understand. Because their head IGU Secretary General Prof. Michael Meadow (South Africa) and 1st Vice Prof. KOLOSSOV Vladimir (Russian Federation) drew. In short, we will be in Istanbul in September 2011 "TCK 70 In Memoriam year Geography Conference with International Participation in ", also in 2011 Chile / Santiago Regional Conference in 2012, and in particular Germany / Cologne" at the International Geography Conference should once again preparing to very, very well understood. However, Ron ABLER’in Istanbul in the autumn of 2011 we plan to come as our guests to the TPC 70.Yıl conference a few months ago with the approval of our institutions already supported by IGU knew. ABLER president of the entire conference during a heart sincere and gave us this support. In particular that you’re desirable academic members from 38 different committees you can join and support the president can take a message. Tel Aviv-2010 photographs of the conference website you can watch the As a result, labor and volunteer support of all of us with our ongoing efforts exponentially, in the coming days to DE WORLD wish you the best way to scream and wish you a great holiday. Good day you left. My love and greetings. Ahmet Ertek TGS Presedent, 20/07/2010

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News: International Geographical Union (IGU) Regional Conference on the Tel Aviv-2010"