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Successfully completed the National Symposium on Geomorphology.

National Geomorphology Symposium 2010 - Evaluation Board Conclusions Afyon Kocatepe University Faculty of Arts and scientific activities organized by the Department of Geography is one of the "National Geomorphology Symposium - 2010 (Honor of Professor. Oguz EROL)," Ataturk’s Convention Center October 11 to 12 of 2010 we realized. Geomorphology Geomorphology Symposium on the national sharing of knowledge, innovations and trends in terms of the presence of scientific platforms that is extremely useful. Such meetings are exhibited in Turkey, geomorphology studies, transferred to the concerned, applications are processed and possible take the problems of institutional issues, discuss the most appropriate education in geography and geomorphology ortamlardandır. In this context, the symposium, geomorphology, geography and other geosciences issues scholars engaged in research in different universities, public institutions in charge jeomorfologlar, geographers, geography teachers and students of related professions who attended different universities, Department of Geography, geography and geomorphology in 75 participants selected by the 46 papers presented. Symposium attendees, as well as to students of all academic and professional participants in the Certificate of Attendance given. The two-day symposium on the first day following the opening speeches of the invited speakers made presentations, parallel sessions, paper presentations were made later in different halls. The symposium, thousands geographer, and geologist jeomorfolog in raising contributions, Turkey has trained an outstanding scientist honor of Prof. Dr. Oguz EROL . Numerous scientific research papers, published in the book, Professor. Dr. Prof. Alex contributions to geomorphology EROL Turkey. Dr. In his opening speech presented by Ilhan SLIDING. Symposium unable to attend due to health problems EROL’a Afyonkarahisar Alex Garrison Deputy Commander and Commander of Air Field Hv. Ins. Alb. Paintings by the son of a plaque of gratitude to Prof. Saifullah. Dr. Jamie EROL’a has been presented. Geography is a veteran community to be remembered in this symposium, a hocamızın health, held in honor of the first sempozyumdur. Teacher, agreed to organize the symposium in honor of his health and well-being and are grateful for the many years of hope. In this symposium, the first in a another great contributions and efforts in the field of physical geography, which trains thousands of students after the retired scientist Prof. UJS-2008. Dr. M. Stars HOÞGÖREN’e to be presented to the University Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Vice President of the Geographical Society in November TURHAN by the Turks. Assoc. Dr. Ahmed ERTEK’e, by me on behalf of the Organizing Committee Prof. UJS-2010. Dr. Ahmed Sniper hocalarımıza plaketlerinin given. Invited speaker of the symposium, Prof. addition. Dr. hcİbrahim by Atalay "Ecosystem Degradation in Turkey" was a conference titled. All papers Department’s gained by taking a visual record. Symposium topics geomorphology, active tectonics, karst, coastal, geotourism, speleology, thermal tourism, the evaluation of wetlands, coastal law and regulation practices, the effective utilization coasts, earthquakes, landslides, drought, desertification and natural resource research, focused on areas such as aging. Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Geography, Faculty of Education University of Chicago organized by the National Geomorphology Symposium-2008 (Professor. Jack Ardos Memoriam) held after the "National Symposium on Geomorphology, 2010 (Honor of Professor. EROL )," the sequel to the previous assessments Review Symposium Session geomorphology and geography subjects were evaluated and the decisions were taken in the areas of titles below. • "The Geographer" and the title to start working towards the identification of occupational title definition of the preparation done, • Following the definition of title to be prepared for submission to the competent authorities and the Turkish Geographical Society (TPC) and the Universities under the leadership of the Departments of Geography launching legislative initiatives in this regard. • Faculty of Arts and Sciences after the separation of what will be the location of the Departments of Geography and / or should be, • Institute of Geography under the coordination of the above-mentioned issues of geography department heads meeting of the realization of Turks. • Geography and geomorphology outside the education departments of local characteristics and requirements of human resources required, as a common area of geographic information systems, remote sensing, statistics, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology classes to include. • Geography Departments with undergraduate programs, TM score for the student to be re-intervene appropriately. • "Jeomorfolog" graduate programs to train the "Physical Geography" program, the opening of the branch of science. National Geomorphology Symposiums two years, as much as possible each time a different realization of the university within the framework of the policy decision of the next symposium, "National Geomorphology Symposium-2012" of the Mustafa Kemal University (Hatay) envisaged. National Geomorphology Symposium-2010 (UJS-2010) for all the valuable contributions of the participants interested and would like to thank on behalf of the Organizing Committee, I wish well-being of a wish to meet after the symposium. Prof. Dr. M. Ali Ozdemir National Geomorphology Symposium - 2010 Chairman of Organizing Committee

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News: Successfully completed the National Symposium on Geomorphology.