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Turkish Geographical Society 70 Established In Memory:

70. year in memory of the congress was successful. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

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Turkish Geographical Society (TPC), the Republic has survived to this day throughout our history is one of the rare institutions. I. 6 to 21 June 1941 in Ankara between Turkish Geography Congress of Language, History and Geography Faculty was collected by geography, academics and teachers. One of the decisions of the congress was made here, "the Turkish Geographical Society," now is the establishment of a professional association. The next year, 12 March 1942 the Turkish Geographical Society was founded by the decision of the Ankara Governorship. During the 70 years that have passed since the Turkish Geographical Society, 29, Occupation Week has brought together colleagues by performing a nearly 2-3 years. Many conferences, teacher workshops took place. Numerous field studies with the participation of their colleagues at home, abroad, unpublished foot of the continent is not merely or even touring the country almost close to 200 (from the United States-Argentina, Morocco, Australia, where, from Russia to the Republic of South Africa), field studies, geographic trips and conferences that became an institution. II in 1943. World War II to the present conditions, despite the removal of the magazine, provided the name of the Turkish Journal of Geography, even by mid-2010 conditions of the day 54 offered to the world in the number of national peer-reviewed journal on the Internet has taken shape. Turkish Geography Congress, the decision of the organization corresponding to the 70th anniversary celebrations in 2011 because of the geographical organization of a congress, or even participation in this international effort that has been entered into. The current efforts of the Board of Directors, been a member of the International Geographical Union, IGU (International Geographical Union), Prof.. Dr. Ronald ABLER and a geography IGU Congress planned with the participation of the Board of Directors; IGU’dan support has been promised. 2011 until September 7 to 10 at the Istanbul University Faculty of Letters, "International Geography Congress Participants (to commemorate 70th year)" or simply (UKCK-2011) by editing a congress of geography studies are ongoing. Geography Turks came to the point where the Earth would like to announce one more time. Going to do the work of land in Istanbul (Yenikapı excavations, Archaeology Museum, Ataturk and the Faculty of Forestry Arberatumları tours, boat trip on the Bosphorus, such as field studies of Agva) alternating-field work trips you how much the Earth, we show that we are a European Capital of We want to offer more as geographers. Come Together 2012 International Geography Congress of the election will take place in Berlin, "2020 International Geographical Congress" that a candidate country on Earth all together one more time a year before the show. Many of them are not back in our quality work, together, to remember today. Quality of a "Convention 70" subtract the proceedings. 2011 September at the beginning of the autumn once again wishes to meet in Istanbul for the World Capital smell. President of the Turkish Geographical Society Y.Doc.Dr. Ahmet ERTEK

UKCK 2011 Click for Website and more information

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News: Turkish Geographical Society 70 Established In Memory: