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Degradation in the Mountains and Mountain Zone Management Process

PREFACE Begin to understand the source of values mountain, plains and coastal natural habitats become less of human beings in the world to go to the mountains towards the end point began. Since the 1990s accelerated this process as a result of approximately 26% of the world population today is living in mountainous areas. Mountainous areas and potential sources of value in this field has created an attraction for the population addressed. However, the rapidly increasing population and growing environmental degradation in parallel began to affect these areas. Common to these problems in global terms in 1992 for the first time realized in the Rio Environmental Summit, and environmental deterioration in the comprehensive care was taken in order prevent various studies have been initiated. On the other hand 2 / 3 'ü mountains are covered with our country in the mountains beginning at the point that environmental problems without further prevent growth of these fields to the local people also help to provide protection-usage balance in the evaluation and future generations also can be left for work already needs to be done. The purpose of this book the reader's attention to the mountains and mountainous areas and the importance of this area by dragging the problems is to reveal. As well as local or regional problems that have global dimensions. Factors such as changes in global climate processes used to evaluate, however, the resulting environmental devastation and ecological deterioration is a result of local activities. Have significant potential in terms of resources for the evaluation of the mountainous area of protection - a process continued is important. Like Turkey, a large portion of surface area of the mountainous areas in the country covering these areas between the plains and foothills continues to be a positive interaction with holistic approach to the planning process are needed. In this respect, this study must be considered as a start. Because this work is an example of the proposed method of searching and our country to the other mountains of Turkey to the implementation of an inventory of the mountains and protection of the interests of-use principle is our greatest desire. This study draws attention to the growing importance of mountainous areas have to be addressed but also within the classical approach to the geography of the mountainous area needs to be addressed. Other words, from a different angle and more in detail the formation of mountains, distribution and physical - will examine the interaction of human factors, a "geography of the mountains" study will complement this effort will be a factor. Geography of Turkey's largest inventory of the mountainous areas and the potential of the detailed examination, will be made accordingly protected by planning policy - a balance Ensuring the sustainable use of these areas in terms of work to be done first are. This will make everyone working on it now I wish amenities. Google Translate Beta

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Publications: Degradation in the Mountains and Mountain Zone Management Process

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