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Türkiye Coğrafya Bibliyografyası

Introduction One of the profession in the development of professional publications, information resources is of paramount importance. Subject studied, and no matter what branch of science, researchers, pointing to research the issue after the determination The first job will reach out to resources on the subject. For this researcher, working on the subject of previous research and need to scan with the results of their literature. To this end first-hand from the origin researcher bibliographies. Bibliographies, prepared according to a certain order, written, printed or resources listed in the scientific works produced in different ways. December 31, 2005 until the date of this study, a variety of geography compiled in books and articles have been published. Study Imprint is 8000 . "Geography Bibliography of Turkey," the study of geography by increase knowledge of any branch and / or those who will work shorten the publication time of screening use in the near term and made efforts to reach at least the most broadcast time will benefit. This study was also conducted in Turkey about the scientific geography Compile and bring together research, researchers previously to follow the issues closely researched and researched topics will also help to lead. 584 pages. Bilecik University Press - Bilecik -Turkey Google Translate.

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Publications: Türkiye Coğrafya Bibliyografyası

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