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Smart Geography International Conference

Smart Geography International Conference

Smart Geography
International Conference
2-4 November 2018
Sofia, Bulgaria


The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Bulgarian Geographical Society is undoubtedly an occasion for retrospection and analysis of the development of geography in Bulgaria. It is, however, also a reason for an attempt to look into the future and outline the prospects for geographic science, education and practice. Last, but not least, this conference is a way to pay a tribute and extend our gratitude in the first place to the founder of the Society, Academician Anastas Ishirkov, but also to all geographers who worked for it during the past century. We also want to widen the space for presenting new research in the different geographic disciplines and to discuss the changes that we need to undertake to address the challenges of the 21st century.
Global changes and particularly the development of information, including geo-information, technologies are radically changing the ways in which economic, social, and public systems function. Our conceptualizations of basic geographic notions, such as "place", "space", "environment", "sustainability", etc., are also constantly being amended. Access to the ever-increasing information flows becomes a key feature describing location, along with its situation, boundaries, and other characteristics. Geo-spatial databases, generated by the new technology, play an increasingly important role in the choice of policies for governing regions, as well as managing and adapting to the consequences of global change. It is the geographers, who can play a key role in the utilization of the “flood” of geospatial information to uncover processes and interconnections in geosystems, evaluate and predict their sustainability and future development. Research on ecosystems and their services has proven its value to environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources. In view of the intensive migration and urbanization processes in today’s world, cities are trying to offer "smart" solutions, in order to deal effectively with demographic and environmental pressures. The complex interdependence among these processes raises a number of geographic problems that require innovative approaches and solutions and contribute to the implementation of the EU Smart Specialization Strategies.
Geography of the 21st century is expected to facilitate the development of human capital and the knowledge society, offer place-specific solutions for sustainable regional development and utilization of the planet’s natural and human capital to improve social wellbeing. We entrust this conference to provoke a discussion on how to stimulate "smart" geographical thinking, as an aspect of the genius that has led mankind throughout the millennia to better understand and adapt to its beautiful planet. We believe that the participation of colleagues from all geographic and “sister” disciplines will make a real contribution to this process.
The Organizing Committee



Barbaros Gönençgil (Istanbul University)

Benjamin Burkhard (Leibniz Universität Hannover)

Chad Staddon (University of the West of England, Bristol)

Dan Balteanu (Institute of Geography, Romanian Academy)

John Pickles (University of North Carolina)

Milan Konečný (Masaryk University, Brno)

Robert Begg (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)


Participants will have options to publish their work after the conference in:

 Peer-reviewed book in Springer series on Key Challenges in Geography

 Special Issue in European Journal of Geography

 Special Issue in Journal of Bulgarian Geographical Society

 Special Issue in Journal Problems of Geography



Stoyan Nedkov (NIGGG-BAS), Karl Donert (EUROGEO), Georgi Burdarov (Sofia University)


Georgi Zhelezov (NIGGG-BAS), Mariyana Nikolova (NIGGG-BAS), Kliment Naydenov (Sofia University), Stelian Dimitrov (Sofia University), Boian Koulov (NIGGG-BAS), Tsvetan Kotsev (NIGGG-BAS), Nadezhda Ilieva (NIGGG-BAS), Alexander Kotsev (European Commission-JRC), Emil Gachev (SW University), Evgenia Sarafova (Sofia University), Dimitar Zhelev (Sofia University), Aleksandra Ravnachka (NIGGG-BAS), Kalina Radeva (Sofia University), Dimitar Simeonov (University of Veliko Turnovo), Dimitar Vladev (Shumen University).

Support team

Lidia Semerdzhieva (NIGGG-BAS), Zvezdelina Aydarova (NIGGG-BAS), Velimira Stoyanova (NIGGG-BAS), Boris Kazakov (NIGGG-BAS), Desislava Hristova (Sofia University)

International Program Committee

Anton Popov (Sofia University)

Barbaros Gönençgil (Istanbul University)

Biljana Apostolovska-Toshevska (University of Skopje)

Bilyana Borisova (Sofia University)

Daniela Zlatunova (Sofia University)

Evgeniya Rumenina (SRTI – BAS)

Fatbardh Sallaku (Agricultural University of Tirana)

Galin Petrov (University of Veliko Turnovo)

Ines Grigorescu (Institute of Geography - RA)

Ivica Milevski (University of Skopje)

John Benhart (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

Kosyo Stoychev (Sofia University)

Krasimir Stoyanov (South-West University)

Lachezar Filchev (SRTI – BAS)

Marian Varbanov (NIGGG – BAS)

Marin Rusev (Sofia University)

Mariyana Asenova (Sofia University)

Matija Zorn (Anton Melik Geographical Institute)

Mehmet Somuncu (Ankara University)

Mihaela Sima (Institute of Geography - RA)

Milan Konečný (Masaryk University)

Milan Radovanović (Geographical Institute Jovan Cvijic, Belgrade)

Monica Dumitraşcu (Institute of Geography - RA)

Nina Nikolova (Sofia University)

Pelo Mihaylov (Agricultural University)

Rahman Nurković (University of Sarajevo)

Raisa Gracheva (Institute of Geography - RAS)

Svetla Stankova (Shumen University)

Timo Cumpula (University of Eastern Finland

Tihomir Lichev (Academy of Economics, Svishtov)

Vasil Marinov (Sofia University)

Zita Izakovičová (Institute of Landscape ecology - SAS)

Zoya Mateeva (NIGGG – BAS)

15 February 2018

Opening of abstract submission and registration

30 June 2018

Deadline for abstract submission

31 July 2018

Notification for abstracts acceptance

15 September 2018

Deadline for early bird registration

2-4 November 2018

Conference dates


IMPORTANT DATES Registration Fee Early Bird Standard


150 - 180

BGS and EUROGEO members*

100 - 130






40 - 70

One day registration - 65

One day registration (students) - 30

*reduced fee is also for ESP and BCA members



SOFIA UNIVERSITY 15, Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd. 1504 SOFIA, BULGARIA

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