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Click For Turkish Geograpical Society Activity Report 2010

Example Facilities of the Society In 29th Occupational Geography Week, South Marmara Region (locational problem and so- lutions) meeting has been accomplished by heading and editing of Prof. Dr. Suna Doganer in Çanakkale on 17- 19 May 2001. In this context, one announce- ment about this meeting has been published. Scientific congress held in memory of our Association’s sixth president (Prof.Dr. Ismail YALÇINLAR) and a geography congress was held in İstanbul called National Geographic Congress 2005. Announcement book of the congress published as of 724 pages. Geography Teachers Workshop in September 2010 was held with the participation of 100 teachers and supported by the National Education Management of Tokat province by the organiz ing of at the Gaziosmanpaşa University, Faculty of Education with presentations of academicians and geography teachers. Second day, a fieldwork was made along the Kelkit River. Field Trip: Geography teachers and environmentalists field trip was held by Mehmet Zor and Ahmet Ertek and their team of 47 people during 6 days in the Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia, passing 3500 kilometers. Geography Teachers Field Trip 2009 was held by Dr. Ahmet Ertek and his team of 40 people during 14 days in the Internal and Western Anatolian, passing 5000 km. India and Nepal Overland 2010, headed by Geography Teacher Fügen DEDE and her team of 4 members was completed successfully with in 36 days, passing two countries of Asia. After the Last General Meeting of the Society in January 2010.

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